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Concierge Medical Service

At One Health Medical & Surgical Center, Dr. Dinh and Dr. Vu hold the highest standards of patient care in their respective specialties of surgery and internal medicine. Concierge service is provided to you when you become our patient with no membership fee. Our physicians believe in having the time to truly get to know their patients individually. Whether managing an acute problem or complex chronic condition to addressing your surgical needs, Dr. Dinh and Dr. Vu are pro-active in meeting your concerns.

Our core values are anticipating patient’s problems and readiness to action. We believe that every patient does better when their physician knows them personally, coordinate their care, and responds to the first signs of problems promptly. As our patient, you will have access to your physician at any time and our office staff will help with scheduling appointments, corresponding with pharmacy, and navigating insurance issues. Patient’s may have same day appointments. If a major illness arises, our physicians will follow you in the emergency room and in the hospital.

You have one health. Having the right doctor can make all the difference.